How To Buy

1. Set up a fucking wallet

“WhErE dO I sTorE mY ChAdS” – In a wallet dumbass.

Download the App Trust Wallet


Go to to install the Chrome Extension

2. Buy fucking Binance Coin (BNB)

Before your virgin ass holds some CHADS you need to buy Binance Coin, wich we will convert to CHAD in the next fucking step.

3. Swap BNB to CHAD

While we were busy fucking your mother you should have received the BNBs.

Head to pancakeswap next.

Connect your
wallet, pussy!

Just make sure to connect your wallet.

Make sure you are in V2

Your stupid ass has to be on V2

Import the CHAD Token

If it doesn’t show CHAD insert the following address:

Adjust slippage

To make sure that our order goes through we need to adjust the slippage. Click on the settings icon.

Set the slippage tolerance between 11 – 15%.

Set amount & Swap

We’re almost done. After connecting the wallet, you just need to put in the amount of CHADS you would like to swap.

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