The Most Innovative Video Game Ever Created

Like everything else we f**king do, The Chadlands will be one of the most innovative video games ever created, pioneering the integration of NFT marketplaces, cryptocurrency rewards, and online gameplay. The game itself will be an online RPG full of our sick sense of humor, where characters, items, worlds, and even quests can be custom built for other users to play, and these creators will be financially rewarded based on how popular and well rated their creations are. Designs for custom game elements will be submitted for community approval on the NFT marketplace, where the creators can sell the design blockchains to game players to earn crypto, and then game players can use the blockchains to unlock the designs in the game itself (and re-sell the blockchains on the NFT marketplace if they want). Fiat game players who don’t use crypto can still earn or access these blockchains via the game’s interface, but will be offered the option to transition to crypto and earn profit with our guidance (helping to create new crypto investors—you’re f**king welcome).

Game Development Updates