Game Update: May 19, 2021 | Week One | Conception

We just got done with our first major planning session with the developer for our Chad game, and we’re fucking stoked to say we’re moving full steam ahead! I’m so fucking amped I gotta call my doctor, cause this erection ain’t going down for more than 4 hours.

Generally, we settled on the general mechanics and structure of the game. Concept-wise, think Chads throughout time. Gameplay-wise, think about a highly custom system where players can design levels for others to play in, and that our upcoming NFT marketplace can be integrated with the game to import all kinds of designs and items.

Owning $CHAD will be necessary to use premium features and high testosterone holders will be the first people to test the game during its early phases. We are also exploring ways for people to make money playing, i.e NFT rewards earned in game that can be sold / traded on the market and potentially even more ways to earn CHAD in the future.