About Us

$Chad is the greatest Binance Smart Chain meme token ever created.

You already know this. That’s why you’re buying it.

All year, we had to hear every virgin “WHERE’S MY USE CASE?” loser whine about meme coins, while the studs of DOGE and SAFEMOON became millionaires.

Go read what all these stuck-up crypto nerds wrote about DOGE before March 2021. All of them claimed it was IMPOSSIBLE for Doge to pass $0.10 this year. All of ‘em!

“iT’s oLd TecHNOlogy!”…”IT’s jUsT a MEME!”…”tHe mAth CLEARly ShoWS ThaT the CIRCULATING SUPPLY iS tOO BiG!”…”STOP FUCKING MY MOM!”

If you listened to any of these dorks because they wear glasses and act like they’re smart, CONGRATS: You’re still a loser, and you missed out on some HUGE GAINS (and maybe you missed out on fucking their moms). Good luck at the strip club with your roll of quarters.

About Chad

We’re a fucking fraternity of long-time crypto investors, token developers, and nymphomaniacs who love making money, driving the fastest cars, motorboating the jiggliest titties, and banging milfs and college students. Sometimes all at the same time.

We know there are billions of other Chads out there who also enjoy what’s best in life, and are man enough to take this bull run by the horns and ride it into a fortune. We’re here to build a community of the baddest motherfuckers in crypto.

We spent the last year laughing while virgin beta cucks who call themselves experts convinced gullible fucks that they could predict what the market would do about meme tokens, just because they wear glasses and know some math. Meanwhile, the market told them to go fuck themselves and high fived Doge and SafeMoon while gangbanging every expert’s mom.

We’ve created the greatest meme token that ever existed. The bull run is galloping at full stride.

Come join the brotherhood and make some fucking money.

Meet The Chads

Chad Thundercock

Head Marketer / Virgin Slayer

The Notorious Chad

Lead Programmer / Juiciest Ass

Buff Baby Chad

Graphic Designer / Mom Fucker

Chadimus Prime

Business Consultant / Anaconda Cock

Chadding Taintum

Chief Meme Officer / Lambo King

Prof Chad

Social Lead / Pussy Slayer


Head of Security / Deadlift Champ

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