About Leaderboard


Alpha males and bad ass b**ches love competition. Sometimes, you just want to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women. Even when up against other CHAD holders, there’s nothing better than to beat the other alphas you already respect, and become The Alpha among the alphas.

Since holding CHAD is the ultimate expression of bad assery, we’ve developed a tracking system for wallets based on how they’ve handled their tokens.

Diamond handed hodlers will be forever celebrated as heores in the Halls of Chadhalla, awarded Testosterone points every 24 hours. Paper handed cucks will be shamed with the mark of Estrogen for all eternity, each sale earning greater infamy. Both systems will be ranked, and your ranking on both lists will qualify or disqualify you from future contests, privileges (e.g. early video game testing and access), and giveaways.


Diamond handed studs will be awarded
TESTOSTERONE, a points system symbolizing their alpha badassness.


Paper handed bitches will be punished with
ESTROGEN, another points system
marking them for life with shame and disgust.