The Greatest Binance Smart Chain Meme

$Chad is the greatest Binance Smart Chain meme token ever created.
You already know this. That’s why you’re buying it.









Current Exchanges

These are the exchanges where The Chad Token can currently be traded, which makes them the luckiest f**king exchanges on the planet. Pancake Swap is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) you can access by setting up a personal DEX-friendly wallet and connecting it to the swap. CoinTiger is a Top 90 Centralized Exchange (CEX) you can trade on by signing up for an account on their website. Which one you pick is a personal preference—the important thing is you’re buying $CHAD.

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Come here first for the most important news updates about cryptocurrency, which is anything related to The Chad Token. Once you’re caught up, you can go to CoinDesk or some s**t if you wanna kill time with some light reading about other tokens.

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Alpha males and bad ass b**ches love competition. Sometimes, you just want to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women.


Diamond handed studs will be awarded
TESTOSTERONE, a points system symbolizing their alpha badassness.


Paper handed bitches will be punished with
ESTROGEN, another points system
marking them for life with shame and disgust.


8% Liquidity + 2% reflected on every transaction, benefitting hodlers

Current Supply


Circulating Supply


Initial Liquidity

80 BNB


8% Liquidity + 2% reflected on every transaction, benefitting hodlers

What Real Men Think of CHAD

Original Music

The first f***g official single of The Chad Token, but not the last motherlovers! This song f**ks! Bang your friend’s mom or sister with this on in the background for a stronger erection. If you’re a cuck, you’ll be hearing this a lot when your wife’s boyfriend is over.

Chad Apparel

The Chad Token is the greatest cryptocurrency brand ever created, and now we’re selling the hottest crypto apparel and merch on the market. You already know this. That’s why you’re buying.